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Sophie Elbrick
"Great to work with"
"The photos came out beautiful"
"Much nicer than a studio session"
"Good variety of photos"
"Very fun to work with"
"Relaxed session, super fast turnaround"
"Extremely talented and skillful"
"Sophie is the real deal"
"Fast and easy to work with"
"Will absolutely use her again"
"Took magical portraits of my family"
"Took stunning, evocative photos"
"Natural and showed their personalities"
"The children felt totally at ease"
"She made the shoot totally enjoyable"
"Fabulous job on the retouch"
"Super efficient and professional"

Mike B,

Google, NYC

5.0 star yelp rating 11/17/2020


As an employee at a big tech company, I had the opportunity to work with Sophie for an event during which we took head shots of students for a Princeton recruitment event. Sophie was extremely communicative leading up to, during, and after the event, had an amazing rapport to make all of the students being photographed feel comfortable, and had a really quick turnaround time when it came to getting us the photos. Even with a less-than-optimal setting for setting up our shoot in an academic building, the final product was fantastic and I would definitely work with Sophie again!


Julia R

Princeton, NJ

5.0 star yelp rating 6/16/2019


“Great to work with!

Sophie took a series of photos for my website and professional social media. She is terrific to work with and the photos came out very well. I would recommend her highly!”



Krizia K.

Franklin Park, NJ

5.0 star yelp rating 11/9/2015


Sophie was fantastic to work with. I contacted her for a professional portraits' package for social media pages and work intranet. The photos came out beautiful! She truly understands how to take natural light into your advantage so that the photos come out crisp and much nicer than from a studio session.


After hundreds of pictures we sat together and chose the best ones. Then she retouched and cropped them to make sure that there were no imperfections and that the image would fit nicely into the pages I needed.


Overall, Sophie exceeded my expectations both in quality and price. I have recommended her to professional associations, and will definitely use her services again.

Clay C.

Cambridge, MA

5.0 star yelp rating 11/12/2020


Sophie was very fun to work with and delivered excellent photographs of our family.  She suggested good locations on the Princeton campus and took a good variety of photos ranging from posed full family portraits, to more natural spontaneous captures, to professional headshots.  She is also excellent at working with children.  I highly recommend her!



Ann H.

Miami, FL

5.0 star yelp rating 12/25/2019


Love Sophie's work! Great family portraiture. Relaxed session and super fast turnaround



Maya H.

Princeton, NJ

5.0 star yelp rating 12/24/2019


Sophie is an extremely talented and skillful photographer - I could become addicted to getting pics done by her!



Ellie G.

Philadelphia, PA

5.0 star yelp rating 6/27/2019


Sophie was great to work with! I needed professional portraits done for a newsletter and contacted her. She was responsive, friendly, and the photos turned out wonderfully! I will definitely be using her in the future.



Layla. C.

Trenton, NJ

5.0 star yelp rating 6/26/2019


Sophie is the real deal. She's:


1) Fast

2) Personable (even if you don't like being in front of the camera)

3) Crazy talented


I work with schools and have met and interviewed many photographers over the last few years: school photographers, freelance photographers, event photographers, photographers in a box, photographers with lox, in a house, with a mouse, etc. I don't have an artistic background, so most of the nuances of their particular skills are lost on me. Regardless of quality, all of their portfolios and websites start to look the same. The subjects are well-lit and relatively happy. What more can you ask for?


I'll tell you: You can ask for Sophie. That's the "more" you can ask for.


Sophie did some work with me recently when I happened to have a photography-related emergency in regard to a work project and asked for her help. This was for a printing project I'd worked on each year for several years, and was previously happy with the quality of photographs in the printing. Sophie saved the day with last-minute photography help and was able to pull me and my team out of chaos in less than a week. She helped with every last-minute request we had.


Outside of the fact that she was able to shoot multiple subjects and deliver high-quality finished work on each of them in less than 5 days, the simple quality of the photographs was unbelievable. The photos that she took were so much better than the ones we had previously used that there could not be a comparison. One can expect a photograph of a bride to be relatively beautiful no matter the photographer, but when working with photographs of everyday office situations--as we were--Sophie's ability to take the most mundane setting (and the poorest possible lighting, not to mention inexperienced and often uncomfortable subjects) and produce stunning, evocative photos was nothing short of sensational.


You will be able to see a noticeable difference in Sophie's work over other photographers. On top of that, she is fast and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a great photographer.



Dre S.


5.0 star yelp rating 4/13/2019


I normally don't write yelp reviews. In fact, this is my very first one but with the results I had from this photo shoot, I honestly have to say it deserves one. Sophie is with-out-a-doubt an amazing photographer and a wonderful person at heart. I reached out to her to do a personal photo shoot for my twin brother and I. Not only did the photo's come out greater than what we already expected, but she was such a delight to be around! She took all of the photos we asked for and even suggested different poses for us to incorporate and to our surprise, they came out amazing! After the shoot, she showed us the photos she took of us and we we're so amazed at how well the photos came out; purely crisp and clean! Overall, it was a great experience working with someone who was so professional, affordable, and absolutely passionate about what they do. I already recommended her to a couple of my friends and will absolutely use her again for future events. Thanks again Sophie! :)



Valerie  H.

McCall, ID

5.0 star yelp rating 10/4/2015


Sophie took magical portraits of my family; perfectly capturing the personalities of each member. It will make the perfect christmas card. It was a joy to work with her.



Abby Z.

Princeton, NJ

5.0 star yelp rating 10/2/2015


Sophie took gorgeous portraits of my two children. They were natural and showed their personalities. She is a blast to work with. We all had fun and got great photos for family and friends.



Abby H.

Brooklyn, NY

5.0 star yelp rating 10/2/2015


Sophie took my head shots for my author photo.  I'm usually really uncomfortable in front of the camera, but Sophie's personality is so fun that she made the shoot really enjoyable. I love her creativity and spontaneity.  She did an equally fabulous job on the retouch. I could not recommend her more highly.



Greg P.

Trenton, NJ

5.0 star yelp rating 10/1/2015


I thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot with Sophie-she made me feel completely at ease. I used the photos for my most recent folk album cover



Tina D.

Princeton, NJ

 5.0 star yelp rating 9/28/2015


Sophie took amazing family photos of my son and I! They completely capture who we are and our relationship. The entire experience was fun and the result fantastic. I can't say enough good things about her as a photographer.



Veronica B.

Peterborough, United Kingdom

5.0 star yelp rating 9/17/2015


Sophie Dennehy took enchanting photos of my children - utterly adorable and natural - I'll never have such wonderful photos of them again.  I treasure them.  Sophie was a pleasure to work with and the children felt totally at ease.



Lauren M.

New York, NY

5.0 star yelp rating 9/11/2015


I was in a time crunch in a big way, and Sophie came to my rescue. I needed to get a headshot edited and cropped (a total of 4 versions of this headshot- 1 landscape & portrait in color, the other in b&w) to send out immediately to my school. She was able to set to work straight away! From my initial contact email to the 4 final images being sent to me by dropbox was less than 3 hours, this includes emailing back and forth to check in that I was happy with the edits/cropping that she was doing. She did a great job! I look like myself, as the edits were subtle, and I was able to get the images off to my school fast!



Richard W.

Hoboken, NJ

5.0 star yelp rating 9/10/2015


Sophie took corporate head shots of me for my company brochure and website. She was friendly, efficient and altogether great to work with. I would highly recommend her.



Joram V.

Bryn Athyn, PA

5.0 star yelp rating 6/20/2015


Sophie did some touch up work for me. She was super efficient and professional. Her work on my head shots was perfect while remaining natural.



Shauna G.

Princeton, NJ

5.0 star yelp rating 6/18/2015


I still have the photographs of my daughter that Sophie took six years ago - they capture moments of fun, imagination and who my daughter is. I would highly recommend SOPHIE DENNEHY PHOTOGRAPHY


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