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Sophie Elbrick Dennehy



Corporate Headshots



(group rates available)

Family Photoshoots


$575   Basic Package (groupings and individuals)

$795   Extended Family (6 or more)

$295   Holiday Special (group portrait only)

Event Photography

$4,900  Wedding Basic Package

$2,700  Bat/Bah Mitzvah

$995    Sweet Sixteen, Anniversary Celebration, Birthday Party

Album covers/ Posters

$550 (for love not money)


$90     Actor headshots: 2 images

$120   Black and White conversion <100 images


Please contact me for special rush job rates

"When you search for a photographer, you must consider your priorities. What style are you looking for in a photographer? Is experience important to you? An experienced photographer can pull off a miracle if things go wrong. Maybe a hot young photographer with a fresh vision is what you desire. No matter the order of your priorities, you should develop a vision of how you want to end-product to look.


What's behind the cost?


"The reality is that photographers don’t work a tradition 40-hour work week.  A full-time Independent photographer is a contractor who needs to pay his off-camera time and expenses. Photography equipment is not cheap. Cameras, lighting, support equipment and software must be upgraded every few years. Professionals also invest at a high level in their portfolios, marketing, and advertising to find you. Most people don’t see all the work that goes into the post-production process. This is the time after the creation of your images. Editing and post production can take hours. The cost for this time must be covered, and is often included in the price of your session."


 Xanthe Elbrick Photography

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